We are glad to give You any further information or explanation You will need,
We also would like to rember that is possible to receive Your disposals via post, by sending an email.

Please read in advance our
General business conditions.

Restauration of antique clocks Reconstruction of missing pieces as wheels, levers, pins, shafts, pinions, dials, hands, weights and pendulums also upon relevant telematic order.
We carry out interventions on grammophone mechanisms such as springs replacements..
Exchange, trade-off and barter
of watches with Your second-hand commodities. Purchase in sale account with issue of the relevant receipt and insurance policy for Your object.
Selling and Buying
Second-hand, old wrist-watches and pendulum-clocks
Wrist-watches: watch-case reconstruction upon design, with inlays of different materials or stones or hand-made as well as pantograph engravings.
Free estimations.
Estimations of antique and new wrist-, pocket-watches and pendulum clocks both for private people and solicitors's offices in capacity as an expert.
We specify that our charge is not officially appointed by the court.

General business conditions

Please visit andsubscribe our "Collectors' Board" An identification is required in our workshop.

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